Required Documents

  1. The signed application form.
  2. A large birth certificate, including the names of the parents, issued by the Directeur de l’état civil.
  3. Medicare card* or driver’s licence*
  4. The most recent transcript, report card or transcript of secondary* AND post-secondary* learning, if applicable, issued by the Ministère de l’Éducation du Québec (MÉQ) or its equivalent.
  5. If you are in high school general education, in order to complete the prerequisites, you must provide:
  • Student in the youth sector: either the report card*, the timetable or a certificate of school attendance.
  • Student in the adult sector: the certificate of training activities certified by the management of the training centre attended. This document must state the expected completion date of the studies.

Were you born outside Quebec? You must also provide:

  1. Certificate of Canadian Citizenship* or Permanent Resident Card* or IMM-1000 or IMM-5292 and Confirmation of Permanent Residence*.
  2. The Québec Selection Certificate* or two proofs of residence in Québec* from you or one of your parents (municipal or school tax bill, Hydro account, lease and letter from the landlord, etc.).
  3. Proof that you meet the admission requirements of the desired program, by presenting your diplomas, certificates, report cards, etc. or by providing a comparative evaluation (MIFI) of studies conducted outside Québec. *

*An original or certified copy (a copy  is deemed certified if it contains a handwritten or stamped confirmation that it is a copy made from an original document by a commissioner of oaths or by a person who vouches for the confirmation on behalf of a school service centre. The original will be given to you.