Admissions Process

It is possible to apply for admission at any time of the year if you meet the required prerequisites.  If this is not the case, you must provide proof of school attendance from an educational institution (secondary school or adult education centre) that shows that you are currently in training in order to complete the required prerequisite course(s).

To register, you must complete an online application on the website AdmissionFP.

The site AdmissionFP allows the candidate to Scan or take pictures of the required documents and attach them to the application at the same time. This allows admissions office staff to consider and complete files when scanned or photographed documents are accepted.  The Candidates are therefore no longer required to physically present themselves at our offices for a folder to be put Processing.

Please note that you have 45 days to upload all the documents required to complete your admission process. Any incomplete application submitted on the AdmissionFP  platform for more than 45 days will be rejected and consequently, your application for admission will unfortunately be cancelled.  If you are unable to upload your documents, it is possible to go in person to the admissions office with your original copies.  For the purpose of validating the original copies, e-mail submissions cannot be accepted.

Confirmation of the time of your entry into training will be sent to you by mail or email. In addition, LVTC reserves the right to postpone or cancel a cohort if there are insufficient enrollments. Individuals whose entry into training is delayed will be automatically transferred to the next cohort based on the date of submission of their application.

Required documents