The School of life is finally recognized as a way of learning!

  • Learned YOUR trade the ‘hard way’ ?
  • Want to improve yourself ?
  • Be better at what you are doing!

or simply want to get the diploma YOU deserve!

Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) is for you then.

  • Step 1: meet with us to understand the process
  • Step 2: Evaluate yourself on what you have learned in your field, and then meet with a ‘content specialist’ that will help you confirm your knowledge.
  • Step 3: Get partial or complete credits in the diploma relative to your field of studies!
  • Step 4: Complete your training, if needed
  • Step 5: Get a Diploma recognized by the MELS

Infos :

All you need to know on RAC (French)



‘I worked in the sales field for many years, it took me 90 minutes to do my self evaluation, 3 hours to undergo the validation interview with the content expert.

I then had to complete about 40 hours of training and I could even do it at work!!!

I will soon receive my Diploma in Professional sales a 900 hour program!!!’


Video on RAC