• 2-4-U will give you the chance to learn a real trade while continuing in high school.

    Have you successfully completed your FRENCH, ENGLISH and MATH level 3?

    If so, you are qualified for the 2-4-U program!

    You simply choose a trade that interests YOU, register and pursue your high school studies as you start your training,which in the end will permit you to work in the field of YOUR choice.

How does it work?

Visit the concomitance (2-4-U) Estrie website for all the options available:


  • Each week, you spend 3 days in your chosen trade and 2 days in high school or adult education. (If you qualify for English education you can now complete your English, French and Math courses at LVTC)
  • You will spend a total of 300 hours in high school subjects and 600 hours of vocational training per school year.
  • In 2-4-U, vocational training is individualized.  You learn at your own pace and the teacher answers your questions on an individualized basis.
  • List of programs offered in concomitance at LVTC:

    Accounting, Secretarial Studies, Welding and Fitting, Professional Sales and Sales Representation (here you get 3 diplomas),

    Obtain 2 diplomas at once!

  • Concomitance (2-4-U) gives you the opportunity to obtain at the same time:

    • Vocational Studies Diploma (DEP)
    • High School Diploma (DES)